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Welcome to Women for Women International Online Fundraising

On behalf of the women survivors of war we serve around the world, thank you for setting up a fundraising webpage for Women for Women International!

By asking your friends and family to donate on your page, you are making a huge difference in the lives of women who are working to rebuild their lives in the midst and aftermath of war.

If you're organizing an event, please visit our website to fill out our Event Registration form and download helpful tools.

You may be interested in some facts about women around the world:
-81.5% of women in Kosovo say they have no access to information about the laws in their country
-In Nigeria, marital rape is not considered a crime. 10 out of 36 Nigerian states have laws allowing husbands to use physical force against their wives.
-Among Women for Women International-Rwanda Participants, 96% have no electricity or running water in their homes.

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